Qiushan Park Mountain Climbing BBQ

In the midst of busy work, it is a pleasure to be able to relax with colleagues. On November 4th, I will meet with my colleagues to climb the mountain and barbecue in Buji Mountain, and enjoy the beautiful and special way. A full day. Early, handsome guys and colleagues arrived at the destination and asked for Shuishan Park.

Next, my colleagues have proposed to climb the Great Wall together and feel the history and culture of China over 5,000 years and experience the profoundness of Chinese culture. Take the long march and remember the revolutionary history of the Red Army’s hard struggle.

The antique "Great Wall" was built according to the proportion of Beijing Badaling Great Wall. The city wall and beacon tower are similar to the Beijing Badaling Great Wall and are very steep. At first, everyone climbed a little hard, and the Long March road was long. It was very tired and didn't want to go, but it was good for Manager Li of the Production Department and Fan Manager of the Quality Department to lead the team. Everyone makes everyone morale high. The way forward.

At the end of the Great Wall, there is a green corridor leading to the top of the mountain. When you reach the top of the mountain, you can overlook Nanling Village. Seeing the prosperous night view of Shenzhen, the first time I overlooked the simple village, I saw the taste of Nanshan. Everyone concentrated on the top of the mountain and played a show game.

Everyone gathered together, divided into four teams, played a game of guessing numbers, and watched the team assisted in the cooperation. Everyone’s face was full of joy brought by interaction, and understood the importance of team game cooperation. The game has won and won, but it is important to participate. Winning or losing does not affect the friendship between colleagues. However, the losing party also brings the game, the small program, and the party that helps the winner to massage. Every time you play a small game, colleagues will share the feelings brought by this game. Everyone is playing and talking about it...

The show was carried out one by one, the time passed by little by little, and it was very late at noon. They were all hungry, so everyone went down the mountain and carried out the second part of the tour, barbecue. When I arrived at the barbecue, my colleagues were already in a hurry. I led the materials and utensils, the food, the barbecue, the seasoning, and everything was messy. In fact, everything was in order, as if everyone was a barbecue. Experts, with a smile and flipping the fork in their hands, while showing the techniques of their barbecue to the people next to them, everything is so harmonious...

Everyone has come up with their own stunts and competed. And I am also fortunate to be the food critic of this time, in reviewing the barbecue food of everyone...

During this visit, everyone's body and mind have been relaxed and adjusted, creating an atmosphere of unity, activeness and forge ahead. Not only promoted the friendship between the colleagues and the cooperation of the team, but also let everyone live a meaningful day.
The happy time is always short-lived, but it always makes people feel good. The activity is here, and it is coming to an end. Finally, everyone has a happy photo, and this happy moment is settled. This mountain climbing barbecue ends in a laughter. activity.